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Welcome to the International Trainings and Trainers website of the Karam Kriya School.

If you are looking for Karam Kriya workshops or Kundalini Yoga Level 2 modules taught by Shiv Charan Singh personally, please check out karamkriya.com.

On this website you will find information about Karam Kriya and Kundalini Yoga, but also where and when you can join a Karam Kriya Consultancy Training or Kundalini Yoga Level 1 or Level 2 Teacher Training run by the Karam Kriya School.

All the dates of each Training and a description of the specific modules that are being taught are visible. This allows you to find out where you can catch up with a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 weekend that you missed, or compile your own 45 day Karam Kriya Consultancy Training around the world!

This website is also an opportunity to find a Teacher or Consultant (Karam Kriya or Kundalini Yoga or both) in your neighbourhood, and for them to present themselves.

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