Karam Kriya Consultation

A Karam Kriya Consultation is a healing conversation whereby the numbers provide a parrallel conversation to inform the intuition of the consultant. The process you are in is linked to certain numerological sequences, and your Date of Birth gives insight into the path you are walking in this incarnation with your specific challenges and talents.

If you want to book a Karam Kriya Consultation with Shiv Charan Singh, you can contact Paramatma Kaur at: paramatmakaur@karamkriya.com

This is possible through Skype, or sometimes at a workshop or training around the world.

If you want to book a consultation with any other Karam Kriya Consultant, please check the 'Teachers near you' link and search for options. Either somebody near you, or also through Skype. The Consultants have specified their availability and reachability.

Also you can download a list with Karam Kriya Consultants worldwide: HERE