Karam Kriya Men's Walk 2020 Italy with Shiv Charan Singh

Bare your heart 

Discover strenght in your vulnerability

Transform through sharing

Confront your fears

See the depth of your Soul


A new opportunity for men to gather together in hte heart of the Alps, with the guidance of Shiv Charan Singh. We will enjot walks, teachings time and each other company, sourrounded by the beauty of the Castle of Bagnolo, at the feet of Mountain Monviso.

Dates: 18-21 September 2020

Location: Castello di Bagnolo, Via Palazzo 23, 12032 Bagnolo (Piemonte), Italy. www.castellodibagnolo.it

Registration: menswalkitalia@gmail.com

Information: Naam Ranjeet Singh - Phone: 0039 34 82 30 30 38